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support la musica

As with all arts and cultural organizations, ticket sales do not begin to cover expenses. La Musica could not exist without generous donations from our patrons, local business community and charitable organizations. We greatly appreciate their support.

For more information about becoming a donor or sponsorship levels and benefits, please contact Joan Sussman at 704-293-4907.


Contributions listed were made between January 1 through December 31, 2023.

Artistic Director's Circle  

Fred and Terri Derr

The Exchange

Bernard Friedland

Tony and Dorid Lamb

Tourist Development Council


President's Circle

Florida Division of Arts and Culture/Florida Council on the Arts

Gulf Coast Community Foundation

Herald Tribune Media Group

Gloria Moss in honor of Sally Faron

Stephen and Susan Neumer


The Anonymous Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Appleby Foundation

Sally R. Faron

Nancy Gold

Bruce Lehman

Waddy Thompson and Charles Cosler

Wu Han and David Finckel


Walton and Deborah Beacham, Schwab Charitable

Judith and Ted Beilman, Schwab Charitable

Melissa and Scott Dunlap

Renee Hamad

Charles Hamilton and Miriam Lockhart

Peter E. Kretzmer and Melody D. Genson

John and Donna Moffitt

Marian Moss

Anne Parsons, in memory of James Morgan Parsons III

Susan Robinson

Samuel and Joy Schackow

Robert Stanton

Amanda Stiff


Janette Albrecht

Peter and Milly Bierwerth

Karen Booth

Duncan Brown

Charles Gibbons, Fidelity Charitable

Huisking Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Karoly and Martha Kismartoni

Ann Z. Leventhal and Jon O. Newman

Judith Liersch

Stuart Matlins

Bruce Mihalick and Philip Baker

John and Barbara Rade

Victor and Joy Rendano, Schwab Charitable

Piero Rivolta

Shelley Roisen

Joan Sussman

Kutay and Rebecca Taysi

Sandra Van Langen



John Bradbury and Frances Fergusson

Mitchell Blatt

Donna Cubit-Swoyer

Barbara Dingman

Howard Elder

John Finkbohner and Larry Miller

Bill Forester

Paul Kellman

Anne Roberts

Martin Spinelli and Brian Simpson

Thomas and Judy Werner

Ron and Geri Yonover

Marsha Zapson


Lindsey Arenberg, in loving memory of Joyce Rosenthal from her daughter Merry's "Brown Krewe"

Steven C. Dixon and Peggy Allen

Thalia Dorwick

John and Carole Segal

Arthur and Aline Siciliano

Hillary Steele

Lesley Svenson

Ronald Weintraub and Margo Howard

James Westby


Elizabeth Allen

Stanley and Patricia Bass

Neil and Margery Blacklow

Barbara Brownell

Marvin and Edith Catler, in memory of Joyce Rosenthal

Frances Gaston

Marvin and Lynda Geller

Gregory Hetter and Anita Pihl

Wayne Johnston, in memory of Patricia Johnston

Herbert and Phyllis Kayne

Gene Keidan and Walter Maxymuk

Ronald and Silvia Levin

Sallie Light

Keith and Kerrianne McMurdo

John and Kayla Niles

Joan Ohlson

Theron Palmer

Edith Perry

Joyce Rosenthal

Lawrence Sage

Kathryn Smith

Robert and Linda Smith

Stephen Somach

Herbert and Margaret Walker

Cynthia Wolloch


Additional supporters

Gail Berenson

Leslie Butterfield

Larry Geimer

Al Goldis

Gail Harris

Martin Hirsch

Richard Kennedy

Sharon Miller

George and Deborah Nimick

John Owen

Steven and Barbara Rothman

Rodney Schlaffman & Lawrence Greenberg

Sharon Schwartz

Sheldon Schwarzbrott, in memory of Joyce Rosenthal

Samuel Seager and Marjorie Lieberman

 Martin Smullen

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the National Endowment for the Arts.